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Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have proven to be an effective way in which businesses can take control and improve their trading environment (town / city / business park). You, as a business owner / manager have the opportunity to identify projects and improvements that you want to introduce to Staines-upon-Thames to benefit your industry sector, increase footfall and boost trade; you will be given a say in how your money is spent through the Staines-upon-Thames BID.


If you own or manage a business in Staines-upon-Thames and have not already done so please get involved and complete a BID survey at The BID survey was hand delivered to all businesses within the proposed BID boundary between February - April 2016. Thank you to the 198 businesses that completed a BID survey.


This survey is a clear way for businesses to have their say and will help to identify the priorities and ideas businesses have. These projects will go into the BID Business Plan that all eligible businesses will vote on later this year.


To arrange a meeting and to discuss the Staines-upon-Thames BID please contact

Michelle Baker, Staines BID Development Manager on tel 07527 016 338 or email


What are BIDs?


BIDs are an arrangement whereby businesses come together and decide which improvements they feel could be made in their town, city centre or business park and also how they will implement these improvements and what it will cost them. BIDs are financed and controlled by the businesses within the selected area. BIDs can run for a maximum of five years and during this time they must be able to show that they are benefitting the businesses which fund it.


What can BIDs deliver?


It’s up to you as a business to help shape what the BID in Staines might deliver. BIDs can deliver any projects or services that are agreed by the businesses in the BID area. These projects must go over and above anything that is already provided through business rates and by the local authority and police.


How will the process work?


The aims of a BID are outlined by the businesses in the area, primarily through a survey. After this, your priorities for the Staines BID will be collated and you will be invited to attend one of a series of informal business meetings where you will be updated on the progress of the BID and you will be able to ask questions and give feedback – this is part of the detailed consultation phase. After this, the BID Steering Group (made up of businesses in the area) will assist in producing a business plan which will then be sent out to all businesses. Finally, there will be a confidential vote on whether you wish to say 'yes' to a BID in Staines-upon-Thames.

If a majority of businesses vote in favour of a BID, a five year BID term commences and the projects and improvements within the business plan get underway, overseen and managed by a Board of local businesses that you can be a part of.


Why do businesses support BIDs?


BIDs provide a collective business voice, they have proven to increase footfall, boost trade, reduce crime and improve services. As they can run for up to five years they also give businesses the opportunity to plan ahead and future proof their area. BIDs do not substitute services provided through business rates, they provide additional services. BIDs put the control into the hands of businesses.


Which other locations have established BIDs?


There are over 230 BIDs established across the UK with 50 BIDs in London alone.  Each location has a uniquely local business plan, where local businesses have set their own priorities and the additional services they wanted to see delivered in their BID area.